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Abdomen The hindmost of the three main body divisions of an insect.
Abdominal Part of the abdomen
Anal In the direction of, pertaining or attached to the anus or to the last segment of the abdomen
Antennae Pair of segmented appendages located on the head and usually sensory in function - the 'feelers'.
Antennal article An individual segment of an antenna
Antennal insertion The point where an antenna attaches to the head
Anterior In front; the front of
Anterior angle The angle of the thorax near the head
Anterior margin The front of the margin
Apex The portion of a body part farthest from the base or point of attachment. The apex of the elytra is the portion at the rear end of the elytra.


Binomial Consisting of two parts


Canthus Ridge dividing the eye of some insects into an upper and a lower half
Carina An elevated ridge
Club Portion of the antenna that is enlarged from the other segments
Coleoptera The order comprised of the beetles; sheath winged
Concave Hollowed out; a depression
Confluent Running together
Convex Curved outward; opposite of concave;
Crenulate With small scallops, evenly rounded


Declivity Sloping downward
Diapause A condition of suspended animation; no activity or development occurs
Dorsal Upper surface or back when viewed from above
Dorsum In general, the upper surface


Elytra The hardened or leathery or chitinous forewings of beetles that serve as covers to the hindwings and commonly meet in a straight line down the middle when the beetle is at a standstill


Facet Tne portion or segment of the compound eye
Femur The thigh; usually the stoutest segment of the leg
Filiform Thread like
Frons The upper, anterior portion of the head
Fungal feeder Insect that feeds exclusively on fungus associated with stored grain


Genera The name of a genus, the first portion of a binomial scientific name
Grub An insect larva in the Order Coleoptera

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