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382PBD99 Non-Insect Pest Management – Mites, crabs, snails, slugs and birds 11-08-202013-08-20203Sh. A. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in10-08-2020 12:00:PM
383PBD100 Pest Surveillance 17-08-202021-08-20205Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj, jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in16-08-2020 12:00:PM
375PHM105 Online training on Production Protocol for Biofertilizers 17-08-202021-08-20205Dr. K. Damodara Chari, damuagmicro2012@gmail.com14-08-2020 12:00:PM
384PBD101 Plant Quarantine Procedures 24-08-202028-08-20205Ms. Madhubala, madhubala.rv@gov.in23-08-2020 12:00:PM
385PBD102 Rodent Pest Management 24-08-202028-08-20205Sh. A. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in23-08-2020 12:00:PM
386PBD103 IYPH Web Series 3 - Bio-security strategies for Plant Health 29-08-202029-08-20201Dr. Alice R P Sujeetha, dirpqpniphm-ap@nic.in28-08-2020 12:00:PM
387PHE51 Irrigation Systems and Advancements 31-08-202002-09-20203Er. Govind Maurya, asopheniphm1-ap@nic.in29-08-2020 12:00:PM
388PHM108 IYPH Web Series 4- Plant Health Management for Sustainable Agriculture 04-09-202004-09-20201Dr. E. Sree Latha, sreelatha.e@gov.in03-09-2020 12:00:PM
389PHE52 Post-harvest management and storage techniques 07-09-202011-09-20205Er. Haneefa Begum, asopheniphm2-ap@nic.in05-09-2020 12:00:PM
390PBD106 Impact of climate change on insect pests 07-09-202011-09-20205Dr. C. S. Gupta, shekhar.gupta@gov.in05-09-2020 12:00:PM
391PHM109 On-Farm production of biocontrol agents and microbial Biopesticides 14-09-202018-09-20205Ms. N. Lavanya, 16lkiran@gmail.com15-09-2020 12:00:PM
392PBD107 Rodent Pest Management for food grain warehouses 14-09-202018-09-20205Dr. K. Sakthivel, asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in12-09-2020 12:00:PM
393PMD58 Laboratory Quality System Management and Internal Audit as per the ISO 17025:2017 21-09-202025-09-20205Ms. T. Sreedevi, sjsridevi@gmail.com20-09-2020 12:00:PM
394PBD108 Fruit-fly Surveillance and Management 21-09-202025-09-20205Sh. Mariadoss. A, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in20-09-2020 12:00:PM
398PBD109 Stored Grain Pest Detection, Identification and Management 05-10-202009-10-20205Dr. Pyla Jyothi, pylajyothi.agri@gmail.com04-10-2020 12:00:PM
399PHM112 PHM In Protected cultivation 05-10-202009-10-20205Dr. S. Jesu Rajan, jesu.rajan@gov.in04-10-2020 12:00:PM
400PHM113 Quality control of microbial bio-pesticides 12-10-202016-10-20204Ms. N. Lavanya, 16lkiran@gmail.com11-10-2020 12:00:PM
401PBD110 Introduction to Plant Biosecurity & Plant Quarantine 12-10-202016-10-20204Dr. K. Susheela, drsusheela.reddy@gmail.com11-10-2020 12:00:PM
402PBD111 Vertebrate Pest Management – Wild boar, monkey and bird 19-10-202021-10-20203Dr. K. Sakthivel, asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in18-10-2020 12:00:PM
403PHE53 Pesticide application methods and safety measures 19-10-202023-10-20205Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, Jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in18-10-2020 12:00:PM
397PMD59 IYPH Web Series 5: Pesticide Management Approaches – Role and Prospects in Plant Health Management. 23-10-202023-10-20201Dr. Nirmali Saikia, nirmali.saikia@gov.in22-10-2020 12:00:PM
404PBD112 Rodent Pest Management 26-10-202030-10-20205Sh. A. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in25-10-2020 12:00:PM
405PHE54 RS & GIS applications in Agriculture 26-10-202028-10-20203Er. M. Udayabhanu, sopheniphm2-ap@nic.in25-10-2020 12:00:PM
406PHE55 Farm equipment for plant health management 29-10-202031-10-20203Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, Jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in28-10-2020 12:00:PM