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List of Training Programs Scheduled for the next 90 Days

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499PBD160 Plant Quarantine Procedures for Import and Export 13-12-202117-12-20215Smt. Madhubala, madhubala.rv@gov.in13-12-2021 11:00:AM
580PMD90 Sampling of Fruits, Vegetables and other items and Calibration of laboratory equipment for Pesticide Residue Analysis 13-12-202117-12-20215Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com13-12-2021 11:00:AM
581PMD91 Sampling of Fruits, Vegetables and other items for Pesticide Residue Analysis 13-12-202114-12-20212Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com13-12-2021 11:00:AM
579PMD89 Inspection, Sampling and Prosecution Procedures under Insecticide Act, 1968(ISPP) 20-12-202122-12-20213Ms. T. Sreedevi, sjsridevi@gmail.com20-12-2021 11:00:AM
540PHM156 Sustainable Pest Management programme for District levels 28-12-202130-12-20213Dr.M. Narsi Reddy, rnm514@gmail.com28-12-2021 11:00:AM
541PHM157 Production Protocol for bio fertilizers 03-01-202207-01-20225Dr. Damodara Chary K, damuagmicro2012@gmail.com03-01-2022 11:00:AM
519PBD180 Phytosanitary Inspection for Phytosanitary Service Providers for Inspection of Plants/Plant Products & other regulated articles in export 03-01-202201-02-202230Dr. Girish A. G.,; Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj,jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in03-01-2022 11:00:AM
561PHE71 Farm equipment for plant health management 05-01-202207-01-20223Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, Jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in05-01-2022 11:00:AM
542PHM158 Good agricultural Practices (GAP) 17-01-202221-01-20225Dr. E. Sree Latha, sreelatha.e@gov.in17-01-2022 11:00:AM
582PMD92 Pesticide Formulation Analysis (PFA) 18-01-202218-03-202260Dr. Nirmali Saikia, nirmali.saikia@gov.in18-01-2022 11:00:AM
500PBD161 Fruit fly: Surveillance and Management 31-01-202204-02-20225Sh. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in31-01-2022 11:00:AM
543PHM159 Advances in weed management 01-02-202203-02-20223Dr.B.Shailaja, shailu132agrico@gmail.com01-02-2022 11:00:AM
543PHM160 Integrated Soil Nutrient and Rhizosphere Management 07-02-202211-02-20225Dr. Damodara Chary K, damuagmicro2012@gmail.com07-02-2022 11:00:AM
501PBD162 Plant Bio Security & Incursion Management (PBIM) 07-02-202218-02-202212Dr. K. Susheela, susheela.reddy@gov.in07-02-2022 11:00:AM
502PBD163 Introduction to Plant Biosecurity and Plant Quarantine 07-02-202211-02-20225Dr. K. Susheela, susheela.reddy@gov.in07-02-2022 11:00:AM
503PBD164 Risk assessment and management of vertebrate pests in agriculture and horticulture ecosystem 09-02-202218-02-202210Sh. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in09-02-2022 11:00:AM
504PBD165 Pest Risk Analysis 14-02-202218-02-20225Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj, jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in14-02-2022 11:00:AM
544PHM161 AESA and Ecological engineering for pest management 14-02-202218-02-20225Dr.M. Narsi Reddy, rnm514@gmail.com14-02-2022 11:00:AM
545PHM162 Production Protocol for EPN 21-02-202225-02-20225Dr. Sunanda BS, patilsunanda722@gmail.com21-02-2022 11:00:AM
550PHM167 Quality control of microbial biopesticides 21-02-202202-03-202210Ms.N.Lavanya, 16lkiran@gmail.com21-02-2022 11:00:AM
562PHE72 National workshop on Farm mechanization for small and marginal farmers 22-02-202223-02-20222Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, Jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in22-02-2022 11:00:AM
521PBD182 Fumigation as a Phytosanitary Treatment (Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide) 28-02-202214-03-202215Dr. Girish A. G.,; Dr. K. Susheela, susheela.reddy@gov.in28-02-2022 11:00:AM

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