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List of Training Programs Scheduled for the next 90 Days

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610PBD193 Pest Surveillance 23-05-202227-05-20225Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj Scientific Officer (PRA) jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in23-05-2022 11:00:AM
609PHM175 Plant Health Management in Protected cultivation 23-05-202227-05-20225Dr. Basavaraj. S Assistant Director (H&F), basu3277@gmail.com23-05-2022 11:00:AM
611PHE77 RS & GIS applications in Plant Health Management 24-05-202226-05-20223Er. M. Udaya Bhanu Scientific Officer (PHE) sopheniphm2-ap@nic.in24-05-2022 11:00:AM
612PBD194 Vertebrate Pest Management – Wild boar, Monkey and Birds 01-06-202203-06-20223Dr. P. Sakthivel Assistant Scientific Officer (VPM) asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in01-06-2022 11:00:AM
614PBD195 Online training programme on Pest Risk Analysis 06-06-202210-06-20225Dr. K. Susheela Scientific Officer (PRA) susheela.reddy@gov.in06-06-2022 11:00:AM
613PHM176 Integrated Soil Nutrient and Rhizosphere Management 06-06-202210-06-20225Dr.K. Damodara Chari, Assistant Scientific Officer (Microbiology) asomicroniphm2019@gmail.com06-06-2022 11:00:AM
615PHM177 Production Protocol for bio fertilizers 13-06-202217-06-20225Dr.K. Damodara Chari, Assistant Scientific Officer (Microbiology) asomicroniphm2019@gmail.com13-06-2022 11:00:AM
616PMD100 Laboratory Quality Management System and Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 13-06-202217-06-20225Dr. M. Jaya Devi Deputy Director (Chem) jaya.maisnam@gov.in13-06-2022 11:00:AM
701PBD222 Fumigation as a Phytosanitary Treatment (Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide) 13-06-202227-06-202215Dr. Girish A. G. DD (PP) Smt. Madhubala AD(PD) madhubala.rv@gov.in13-06-2022 11:00:AM
619PBD196 Rodent Pest Management in Grain Storage 20-06-202224-06-20225Dr. P. Sakthivel Assistant Scientific Officer (VPM) asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in20-06-2022 11:00:AM
617PHM178 Good Practices followed in Laboratories (Microbial production and Quality Control) 20-06-202222-06-20223Smt. N.Lavanya Scientific Officer (BP&BC) 20-06-2022 11:00:AM
618PHE78 Pesticide application techniques and safety measures 20-06-202224-06-20225Er. Haneefa Begum Assistant Scientific Officer (PHE) asopheniphm2-ap@nic.in20-06-2022 11:00:AM
629PHM180 Production Protocol for Bio control agents (Predators, parasitoids, microbial bio pesticides & Bio fertilizers) 29-06-202219-07-202221Smt. N.Lavanya Scientific Officer (BPBC) 29-06-2022 11:00:AM
620PBD197 Introduction to Plant Biosecurity and Plant Quarantine 04-07-202208-07-20225Dr. K. Susheela Scientific Officer (PRA) susheela.reddy@gov.in04-07-2022 11:00:AM
621PBD198 Non-Insect Pest Management – Mites, crabs, snails, slugs and avian 05-07-202207-07-20223Dr. A. Mariadoss Assistant Director (RPM) adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in05-07-2022 11:00:AM
624PMD102 Calibration of laboratory glassware for Pesticide Quality Testing Laboratories 12-07-202213-07-20222Dr. J. Satyanarayanana Assistant Scientific Officer (R&NMA) satya_ou@yahoo.com12-07-2022 11:00:AM
622PHE79 Farm equipment for plant health management 12-07-202214-07-20223Dr. Vidhu Kampurath P Joint Director (PHE) jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in12-07-2022 11:00:AM
623PMD101 Calibration of laboratory glassware and equipment for Pesticide Quality Testing Laboratories 12-07-202219-07-20228Dr. J. Satyanarayanana Assistant Scientific Officer (R&NMA) satya_ou@yahoo.com12-07-2022 11:00:AM
625PBD199 Eco-friendly approaches for management of vertebrate pests in agriculture and horticultural ecosystem 18-07-202222-07-20225Dr. A. Mariadoss Assistant Director (RPM) adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in18-07-2022 11:00:AM
702PBD223 Forced Hot Air Treatment (FHAT) 18-07-202222-07-20225Director – PBD Dr. Girish A. G. DD (PP) 11:00:AM
628PHM179 AESA and Ecological engineering in pest management 25-07-202229-07-20225Dr. S. Jesu Rajan Scientific Officer (Ento) Jesu.rajan@gov.in25-07-2022 11:00:AM
626PHE80 Digital Agriculture 25-07-202227-07-20223Sk. Liyakhat Ali Ahamed, Assistant Director (ICT) adict-niphmhyd@gov.in25-07-2022 11:00:AM
627PMD103 Inspection, Sampling and Prosecution Procedures under Insecticide Act, 1968(ISPP) 25-07-202229-07-20225Mrs. T. Sridevi Scientific Officer (R&NMA) sridevi.tutika@gov.in25-07-2022 11:00:AM
630PHM181 Study on impact of indiscriminate use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture 01-08-202205-08-20225Dr. E. Sree Latha Assistant Director (PHM) sreelatha.e@gov.in01-08-2022 11:00:AM
632PMD104 Refresher program on Formulation Analysis of New Pesticides molecules 16-08-202225-08-202210Mr. Om pal Singh Assistant Director (PM&RA) ompals.jayant@gov.in16-08-2022 11:00:AM
631PHM182 On-Farm production of biocontrol agents and microbial Biopesticides 16-08-202225-08-202210Dr.S.Basavaraj Assistant Director (H&F), basu3277@gmail.com16-08-2022 11:00:AM

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