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List of Training Programs Scheduled for the next 90 Days

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756PBD264 Pest Risk Analysis 05-06-202309-06-20235Dr.JyotiBhardwaj, SO(PRA) jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in05-06-2023 11:00:AM
757PHM211 Plant Health Management in Protected cultivation 05-06-202309-06-20235Dr. S. JesuRajan SO(Ento), jesu.rajan@gov.in05-06-2023 11:00:AM
758PBD265 Vertebrate Pest Management – Wild boar, Monkey and Birds 06-06-202308-06-20233Dr. P. Sakthivel, ASO(RPM), asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in06-06-2023 11:00:AM
759PHM212 Production Protocol for Bio-fertilizers 12-06-202316-06-20235Dr.K. Damodara Chari, ASO(Micro), asomicroniphm2019@gmail.com12-06-2023 11:00:AM
779PBD274 Fumigation as a Phytosanitary Treatment (Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide) 12-06-202326-06-202315Dr. Girish A. G,. and Ms. R. Madhubala madhubala.rv@gov.in12-06-2023 11:00:AM
761PHM213 Integrated Soil Nutrient and Rhizosphere Management 19-06-202323-06-20235Dr. Om Prakash Sharma JD(Agro) op.gorkhana@yahoo.com19-06-2023 11:00:AM
762PMD121 Laboratory Quality Management System and Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 19-06-202323-06-20235Dr. M. Jaya Devi, DD(Chem), jaya.maisnam@gov.in19-06-2023 11:00:AM
764PHM214 Quarantine Nematodes of Economic Importance 26-06-202328-06-20233Dr. B.S. Sunanda ASO(Nem), patilsunanda722@gmail.com26-06-2023 11:00:AM
763PBD266 Phytosanitary measures for safe export 26-06-202328-06-20233Dr. C S Gupta, ASO(PP), shekhar.gupta@gov.in26-06-2023 11:00:AM
760PHE97 Pesticide application techniques and safety measures 03-07-202307-07-20235Er. Haneefa Begum ASO(PHE), asopheniphm2-ap@nic.in03-07-2023 11:00:AM
765PBD267 Pest Surveillance 03-07-202307-07-20235Dr.JyotiBhardwaj SO(PRA), Dr.PylaJyothi AD(PS) pylajyothi.agri@gmail.com03-07-2023 11:00:AM
766PMD122 Inspection, Sampling and Prosecution Procedures under Insecticide Act, 1968 (ISPP) 04-07-202307-07-20234Mrs. T. Sridevi Scientific Officer (R&NMA) sridevi.tutika@gov.in04-07-2023 11:00:AM
767PBD268 Non-Insect Pest Management – Mites, crabs, snails, slugs and avian 04-07-202306-07-20233Dr. A. Mariadoss, AD(RPM), adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in04-07-2023 11:00:AM
768PHM215 Production Protocol for Bio-control Agents (Predators, parasitods, microbial bio pesticides & Bio fertilizers) 05-07-202325-07-202321Smt. N.Lavanya Scientific Officer (BPBC) Dr.B.Shailaja, ASO(Ento)05-07-2023 11:00:AM
769PMD123 Sampling of Fruits, Vegetables and other items for Pesticide Residue Analysis 10-07-202311-07-20232Mr. Om Pal Singh, AD(PMRA) ompals.jayant@gov.in10-07-2023 11:00:AM
770PMD124 Sampling of Fruits, Vegetables and other items and Calibration of laboratory equipment for Pesticide Residue Analysis 10-07-202314-07-20235Mr. Om Pal Singh, AD(PMRA) ompals.jayant@gov.in10-07-2023 11:00:AM
780PBD275 Forced Hot Air Treatment (FHAT) 10-07-202314-07-20235Dr. C S Gupta, shekhar.gupta@gov.in10-07-2023 11:00:AM
771PHE98 Irrigation systems and advancements 11-07-202313-07-20233Er. GovindkumarMaurya ASO(PHE), asopheniphm1-ap@nic.in11-07-2023 11:00:AM
772PBD269 Eco-friendly approaches for management of vertebrate pests in agriculture and horticultural ecosystem 17-07-202321-07-20235Dr. P. Sakthivel, ASO(RPM), asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in17-07-2023 11:00:AM
773PMD125 Pesticide Formulation Analysis 18-07-202315-09-202360Dr. Mahesh K. Saini AD(PFA), maheshsaini2000@gmail.com18-07-2023 11:00:AM
774PHE99 Digital Agriculture 24-07-202326-07-20233Er. Sk. Liyakhat Ali Ahamed, AD(ICT), adict-niphmhyd@gov.in24-07-2023 11:00:AM
781PHM216 AESA and Ecological Engineering in Pest Management 31-07-202304-08-20235Dr. S. JesuRajan Scientific Officer (Ento) jesu.rajan@gov.in31-07-2023 11:00:AM
782PHM217 Production Protocol for Predator and Parasitoids 07-08-202311-08-20235Dr.B.Shailaja, Asst. Scientific Officer (Ento) shailuasoento@gmail.com07-08-2023 11:00:AM
783PMD126 Inspection, Sampling and Prosecution Procedures under Insecticide Act, 1968 (ISPP) 08-08-202311-08-20234Mrs. T. Sridevi sridevi.tutika@gov.in08-08-2023 11:00:AM
784PHM218 Plant Health Management Strategies for Climate Change 16-08-202318-08-20233Dr. E. SreeLatha Assistant Director (PHM) sreelatha.e@gov.in16-08-2023 11:00:AM
786PHM219 Training to Maharashtra officials working with Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project (CROPSAP) 21-08-202325-08-20235Dr. Om Prakash Sharma Director (PHM) op.gorkhana@yahoo.com21-08-2023 11:00:AM
785PHE100 Pesticide application techniques and safety measures 21-08-202325-08-20235Er. M. UdayaBhanu Scientific Officer (PHE) sopheniphm2-ap@nic.in21-08-2023 11:00:AM
787PBD276 Online digital tools in Plant Protection and Plant Quarantine 21-08-202323-08-20233Dr. C S Gupta shekhar.gupta@gov.in21-08-2023 11:00:AM
788PHM220 On-Farm production of biocontrol agents and microbial biopesticides 28-08-202306-09-202310Dr. E. SreeLatha Assistant Director (PHM) sreelatha.e@gov.in28-08-2023 11:00:AM
789PBD277 Detection and Identification of Quarantine Pests (Insects, Pathogens, Weeds and Nematodes) 29-08-202318-09-202321Ms. R. Madhubala madhubala.rv@gov.in29-08-2023 11:00:AM

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