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List of Training Programs Scheduled for the next 90 Days

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478PBD140 Fruit fly: Surveillance and Management 19-04-202124-04-20215Dr. Pyla Jyothi, pylajyothi.agri@gmail.com19-04-2021 11:00:AM
482PHM138 Production Protocol for Microbial Biopesticides 19-04-202123-04-20215Dr. Damodara Chary K, damuagmicro2012@gmail.com19-04-2021 11:00:AM
551PHE61 Pesticide application techniques and safety measures 19-04-202123-04-20215Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, Jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in19-04-2021 11:00:AM
479PBD141 Plant Quarantine Procedures for Import and Export 26-04-202130-04-20215Smt. Madhubala, madhubala.rv@gov.in26-04-2021 11:00:AM
452PBD131 Stored Grain Pest Detection, Identification and Management 03-05-202107-05-20215Dr. Pyla Jyothi, pylajyothi.agri@gmail.com03-05-2021 11:00:AM
566PMD76 Inspection, Sampling and Prosecution Procedures under Insecticide Act, 1968(ISPP) 03-05-202107-05-20215Ms. T. Sreedevi, sjsridevi@gmail.com03-05-2021 11:00:AM
523PHM139 On-Farm production of biocontrol agents and microbial biopesticides. 11-05-202120-05-202110Ms. N. Lavanya, 16lkiran@gmail.com11-05-2021 11:00:AM
481PBD143 Rodent Pest Management 17-05-202121-05-20215Sh. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in17-05-2021 11:00:AM
552PHE62 RS & GIS applications in Plant Health Management 18-05-202120-05-20213Er. M. Udayabhanu, sopheniphm2-ap@nic.in18-05-2021 11:00:AM
451PBD130 Pest Surveillance 31-05-202104-06-20215Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj, jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in31-05-2021 11:00:AM
524PHM140 Production Protocol for entomo-pathogenic nematodes 31-05-202104-06-20215Dr. Sunanda BS, patilsunanda722@gmail.com31-05-2021 11:00:AM
511PBD172 Phytosanitary Inspection for Phytosanitary Service Providers for Inspection of Plants/Plant Products & other regulated articles in export 01-06-202130-06-202130Dr. Girish A. G.,; Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj,jyoti.bhardwaj@gov.in01-06-2021 11:00:AM
567PMD77 Laboratory Quality System Management and Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 07-06-202111-06-20215Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com07-06-2021 11:00:AM
525PHM141 Production Protocol for Bio control agents(Predators Parasitods and Microbial bio pesticides) and Bio fertilizers 10-06-202130-06-202121Dr. E. Sree Latha, sreelatha.e@gov.in10-06-2021 11:00:AM
486PBD147 Vertebrate Pest Management – Wild boar, Monkey and Birds 16-06-202118-06-20213Dr. Sakthivel, asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in16-06-2021 11:00:AM
568PMD78 Calibration of laboratory glassware and equipment for Pesticide Quality Testing Laboratories 23-06-202130-06-20215Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com23-06-2021 11:00:AM
569PMD79 Calibration of laboratory glassware for Pesticide Quality Testing Laboratories 23-06-202124-06-20212Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com23-06-2021 11:00:AM
570PMD80 Pesticide Residue Analysis (PRA) 29-06-202119-07-202121Ms. T. Sreedevi, sjsridevi@gmail.com29-06-2021 11:00:AM
571PMD81 Inspection, Sampling and Prosecution Procedures under Insecticide Act, 1968(ISPP) 05-07-202109-07-20215Ms. T. Sreedevi, sjsridevi@gmail.com05-07-2021 11:00:AM
526PHM142 AESA and Ecological engineering in pest management 05-07-202109-07-20215Dr.M. Narsi Reddy, rnm514@gmail.com05-07-2021 11:00:AM
487PBD148 Rodent Pest Management in Food Grain Warehouses 05-07-202109-07-20215Dr. Sakthivel, asovpmniphm-ap@nic.in05-07-2021 11:00:AM
512PBD173 Fumigation as a Phytosanitary Treatment (Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation) 05-07-202119-07-202115Dr. Girish A. G.,; Dr. K. Susheela, susheela.reddy@gov.in05-07-2021 11:00:AM

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