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417PHM117 Production Protocol for microbial and bio pesticides 30-11-202004-12-20205Ms. N. Lavanya, 16lkiran@gmail.com30-11-2020 09:00:AM
412PBD117 Quarantine pathogens: Detection and Identification 02-12-202004-12-20203Dr. A G. Girish, girishpql@gmail.com02-12-2020 09:00:AM
435PBD120 International Webinar on “Recent trends in Plant biosecurity – International and national perspectives" 04-12-202004-12-20201Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj, & Sh. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in04-12-2020 09:00:AM
413PBD118 Fruit fly Surveillance and Management 07-12-202011-12-20205Sh. Mariadoss, adrpmniphm-ap@nic.in07-12-2020 09:00:AM
418PHM118 Integrated Soil Nutrient and Rizosphere Management 07-12-202011-12-20205Dr. Damodara Chary K, damuagmicro2012@gmail.com07-12-2020 09:00:AM
409PBD114 Pest Surveillance 07-12-202011-12-20205Dr. Pyla Jyothi, pylajyothi.agri@gmail.com07-12-2020 09:00:AM
429PMD61 Sampling of Fruits and Vegetables for Pesticide Residue Analysis (one day program) 08-12-202009-12-20202Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com08-12-2020 09:00:AM
414PBD119 Introduction to Plant Biosecurity and Plant Quarantine 14-12-202018-12-20205Dr. K. Susheela, sopraniphm1-ap@nic.in14-12-2020 09:00:AM
422PHM122 Role and use of Bio inputs for Plant Health Management 14-12-202018-12-20205Dr. Jesu Rajan, jesu.rajan@gov.in14-12-2020 09:00:AM
441PMD66 Basic requirement on Pesticide Residue Analysis & equipment maintenance 15-12-202016-12-20202Dr. Jetta Satyanarayana, 15-12-2020 09:00:AM
434PHM126 Webinar - Bio intensive pest management for sustainable agriculture 21-12-202021-12-20201Dr. E. Sree Latha, sreelatha.e@gov.in21-12-2020 09:00:AM
426PHE58 Pesticide Application Techniques and Safety Measures 21-12-202023-12-20203Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, jdenggniphm-ap@nic.in21-12-2020 09:00:AM
419PHM119 Role of organic farming in plant health management 22-12-202024-12-20203Dr. M. Narsi Reddy, rnm514@gmail.com22-12-2020 09:00:AM
427PHE59 Post-Harvest management & Storage Techniques 28-12-202031-12-20204Er. Haneefa Begum, Asopheniphm2-ap@nic.in28-12-2020 09:00:AM
423PHM123 Planning and implementation of a sustainable pest management program for agriculture and horticulture crops at district level 28-12-202030-12-20205Dr. M. Narsi Reddy, rnm514@gmail.com28-12-2020 09:00:AM
430PMD62 Laboratory Quality System Management and Internal Audit as per the ISO 17025:2017 04-01-202108-01-20215Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com04-01-2021 09:00:AM
442PMD67 Importance of Method Validation in quality assurance w.r.t PRA 19-01-202120-01-20212Dr. Ompal Singh, 19-01-2021 09:00:AM
443PMD68 Documentation procedures for NABL accreditation for PTLs and PRLs 09-02-202110-02-20212Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com09-02-2021 09:00:AM
444PMD69 Inspection and sampling under Insecticide Act, 1968 16-02-202117-02-20212Ms. T. Sreedevi, sjsridevi@gmail.com16-02-2021 09:00:AM
431PMD63 Laboratory Quality System Management and Internal Audit as per the ISO 17025:2017 15-03-202119-03-20215Dr. M. Jayadevi, mjaya2002@gmail.com15-03-2021 09:00:AM